The People around you can make or break your business

Lions and Tiger and Bears, Oh My.  Not to mention the mother in law and the neighbors.

Keep Your Mouth Shut 

Many people that have never tried will give you many reasons you shouldn’t either.[

Walk Away From Misery

Working at Home and Personal Relationships

Working at Home and Personal Relationships can be quite a challenge depending or where you are starting out in the work at home situation. You have the significant other, the pets, the in laws, the neighbors, the friends, and all kinds of other people that fit into the world that effects your productivity on a daily basis.

Hopefully, you cleaned house (as far as your support or non-support group) before you got started. On the other hand, you may have created this idea in the middle of a personal thunderstorm.

People are funny. Lots of people love to piss on other peoples dreams, generally because of their own insecurities. If you have kids, setting aside that time and place in your living environment is one thing, but also establishing a bit of respect, letting the kids know that “Mommy or Daddy is actually involved in a private, Important process.”

Of course you may have the in-laws or neighbors. They may know that you work at home, but they think that because you have that freedom, it really doesn’t matter if you spend 30 to 90 minutes talking to them about the last episode of “Two and a Half Men.” I remember being under deadline for a major project when my mother in law, in her pajamas, asked me to take out the trash. She was urgent about it.

Working at Home and Personal Relationships can make or break your business. It’s hard enough to have the balls to get things going, but when the people around you aren’t respecting the time and space you need, this can lead to failure for sure.

If you are following a path to your life time dream, then Working at Home and Personal Relationships takes on a whole new twist. This is because maybe or venture is a new concept that others do not understand at all. Or maybe they not only don’t understand your idea, but they also do not have respect for your idea or effort. Sometimes bad vibes can rub off on you and this must be prevented by the elimination of bad vibes.

How to Work at Home