The Business Side of Working at Home

Intro to Tech Style Work at Home

It’s a new day.  Even if you are a little non-informed techy wise, you have it in you.

The World is Your’s.  Techy Time

You may be in a room, but the world is at your finger tips.

Build Your Website or Hire Someone

The following advise can save you a lot of money, make you money and give you great peace of mind.

Target, Google Page 1

You can do this, and it pays off big.

Should I Learn Photoshop Too?

Pictures tell a thousand stories at a glance.  People are image/media freaks.  Controlling what your visitors see is key.  Here is how to learn Photoshop

Selling to Family, Friends and the People Next Door

These people can help you a lot in your new venture, but their is a very serious limit.[

The Business Side of Working at Home

Here we go, The Business side of Working at home. It’s a big huge world out there. This morning, as I sit with my laptop at Starbucks, I look at the monitor, then look up and look at the ocean. It’s 73 degrees and some of the townies here in Puerto Vallarta are a bit chilly so they are wearing their jackets and scarves around their necks. For me, this is just another day of The Business side of Working at home.

The morning, before I left for Starbucks, I picked up a writing job university in Pennsylvania, a client paid appointment in Chicago, and I sit here to write some articles before I do a rare consult on a local web site consult. Yes, all of this from my laptop. Where ever me and my laptop go, we are at home. This is just another day of The Business side of Working at home.

If you “know things,” you can write stuff, have subscribers and pick up clients from all over the world.
In these segments, which will continue, I am posting tips on how to build your website and help people find you from all over the world.

Many people are very surprised at the millions of different things that they know that people will pay money for. It really doesn’t matter what type of ideas you have. The range is vast. Right now as you read this, someone has a problem. The problem can be major, or extremely basic, the key is, right now, someone is in a bind, they are somewhere that does not allow them access to the answers they need, and they are going crazy, right now! If you could talk to them right now, you could make money.

The only limits to the types of services that you could provide them is your imagination.

So sit back, check out the videos, Bill the Geek presents, “The Business side of Working at home.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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