The True Meaning of Xmas

A Xmas special coming not live from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Introduction to Freelance Spirituality

Yes, You are free to live and think anyway you desire.  No group approval needed.  No head masters.  No authorities.  Just You.

Is There a God?

I thought I may as well bring is up now, right at the beginning.  Get the real answer right here.

What is God’s Real Name?

The answer to this one is a real, first hand shocker.  Hold on to your seat!

What is Religion?

Do Ya Know?  Are you in one and you didn’t even know it?

Happy as a Good Asshole

It really doesn’t make sense at all taken out of context like that.

Connecting to the Universe

What is the Universe. I hear a lot about connecting to the Universe. What is connecting to the universe all about? Is connecting to the universe just one of Bill the Geek’s crazy ideas. Is there a way to go about connecting to the universe.

Who Am I?

I’m an old, happy guy, but to this day I wonder, “Who am I?” Not only do I ask myself, “Who Am I,”, I ask myself, “ What am I?” Do you ask that question or am I the only one curious about that.

The Hour of Power

I never really know how I´m going to feel when I get out of bed.  So each day, I adjust my attitude right off the bat with the Hour of Power.  It works everyday.

How to Mediate

Working at home to me is all about every part of my life. Working at home is about living fulling as a whole entity on this planet. If I am going to produce a great service for others, I need to make me, the best me that I can. I find that meditating each and everyday, at least one time, makes a super difference in all parts of my life.


How to Work at Home