Because I Can

That’s Why.  This video has a little attitude in it, beware.

There are Really Good Reasons to Work at Hom

Some of the reasons are just apparent.  It´s like you are a FREE HUMAN BEING!

The Basics of Why I Work at Home[

This is an introduction to the ideas behind these videos.  These videos were made to explore your options, become way more happy then you are working for someone else and live the full, wonderful life you want while you work at home.

Why I Work at Home

The reason why I work at home is pretty simple.  Actually, there are many reasons I work at home and most of the reasons have very simple answers to why I work at home.

I love the freedom of doing what I love to do.  I love being able to come and go as I please.  I love being able to work ( my work is creating stuff like this ), create stuff, share time with clients all over the world when I want to and how I want to.

Another reason why I work at home is that with the internet, home is anywhere I can find wifi, and high speed internet.  Home is Europe, Detroit, San Francisco, Vegas, Mexico, or a local Starbucks.  Home is where ever I am.

The reason I work at home is I like being my own boss.  I like making my own decisions.  Actually, I love making my own decisions.  I like worked naked or in my pajamas. The reasons are countless.  I could go on and on and on.

More and more companies allow, or make it possible for people to work at home.  But, when you work at home for someone else, that (to me) is just like being a dog on a longer leash.  I call it the Wifi leash.  The email comes, the phone rings, or the text message is delivered from your boss and suddenly, you realize that you are not really free at all to do what you really want to do.  Same jail, different cell.

People ask me why I work at home.  Why do you make those videos?  Why do you train people to build web sites and write code?  Why do you teach people to do computer art and animation?

Because I can. The reason why I work at home is because, “I can.”

Working at home is not for everybody.  I’m so glad about that, because we need used car salespeople and bank managers.

But, if you have an imagination and a thirst for freedom, then you will understand why I work from home.

How to Work at Home