Put on Your Failure T-Shirt, Get the Tatoo.

Failure is really your friend.  Enjoy it, learn from it, and smile when it pops up everyday.

Being Patient with Your Work at Home Business.

Being Patient with Your Work at Home Business can be extremely challenging. As you well know, most new ventures die quickly. Of course there are many reasons for that. Look it up. You have Google. Look up, “Top ten reasons for new Business failure.”

Accidents and Strange Hunches Can Make You Lots of Money!

You have a great business idea.  It’s a winner!  But keep your eyes and ears open as you move ahead, unexpected accidents can move your idea to places beyond your dreams.

My Failures

Maybe my pitfalls will help some of you avoid some real downfalls.

Learning From Failure when Working at Home

Learning From Failure when Working at Home, is a gift.  Everyday is Christmas when you work at home because failure will be regular thing, learn from it and enjoy the lessons.  Or, you could just be pissed off every time something goes wrong, but why do that to yourself.  Enjoy every bad thing that happens, learn from it, modify, adjust, put a smile on your face and thank the source of that little bump in the road you just passed over.

If you are aggressively enjoying your work at home experience, then most likely you are putting the peddle to the metal in your product/service as well as marketing efforts.  A part of all f that is seeing what does and doesn’t work.  If you are not trying, not experimenting, then most likely you are going down the tubes fast.  That’s true failure.  The End.

Learning From Failure when Working at Home is a lot like sales training.  If you never went through sales training, then you really want to read as much as you can about sales and the sales experience.  They really should teach us this in elementary school.

Read not only about sales, but read about successful sales people.  If you can (again, Google is at your finger tips) just go to Google and type in “Books by Successful Salespeople.”  You’ll find thousands of books and articles.

I guarantee that in each and every book you’ll see quotes like, “Every nay brings me closer to a yeh.”  Sounds really stupid, but if you put that motto to use, you will see that it is true.

Taking note for yourself and monitoring stats like, “How many visitors do I need to see this web page to make a sale?”  It may take 1,000 visitors to make a sale, but you’re only getting 200 visitors a day.  That’s fine if you only need a sale once every 5 days.

If you’re only getting 200 visits to the page a day, is that a failure?  Or, do you just need to take action to get to 1,000 visits in a day, and what actions work and what actions don’t work.

Please enjoy “Learning From Failure when Working at Home.”


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