How to Build a Website for My Business

Many of my clients ask me about, “How to build a website for my business.” Very good question. There are so many ways. They ask me if they should pay someone to build a website or should they learn to build the website themselves. Then, if they decide to move ahead and build a website on their own, they always ask, “What type of web site should I build? What tools should I use? What do I need to learn?” All three questions are very important and good questions that need to be understood and answered.

On the subject of, “How to build a website for my business,” the answer is that there are literally a million ways to do it. But, only two answers come to my mind. Static site, or CMS (Content Management System). Don´t run away, this video explains the difference.

In short, a static site can be built in many different ways. To do it right in todays web world, you really need to understand some web code, particularly Html5 and CSS3. Also, you need to own and understand some form of image manipulation tool like Photoshop. I know code, I know Photoshop so this is no problem for me.

The CMS option. A popular CMS is known as WordPress. When my clients know no code at all and ask me, “How to build a website for my business,” I suggest they use WordPress.

WordPress is free, and allows you to do many things that would take you years, literally, to learn the code if you were going to create the same site writing the code yourself. As you visit websites and see what you think are very basic functions like contact forms, join us buttons, side panels with advertizements, scalable pages that show up well on mobile phones as well as televisions, WordPress gets these things done in minutes, rather than,,,,,,,,, DAYS…… Yes, I said minutes rather than Days, or actually weeks.

Again, we are talking about how to build a website for my business.

This video was created for people that ask how to build a website for my business and it explains the advantages and disadvantages of going either way for your business website.

Many of my clients subscribe to my web development page to learn how to use Photoshop and build a static site, or to use WordPress.

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