Connecting to the Universe

What is the Universe. I hear a lot about connecting to the Universe. What is connecting to the universe all about? Is connecting to the universe just one of Bill the Geek’s crazy ideas. Is there a way to go about connecting to the universe.

I am open to it. Many of my friends and family think that idea of connecting to the universe is a waste of time. They tell me that only what you can see with you eyes and hear with your ears is real. But, seems to me they really believe that ears and eyes don’t matter when it comes to cell phones and wifi internet connects.

If we can talk to people all over the globe via frequencies, is it not possible that there are universal frequencies that we can tap into. If there are universal frequencies that we can tap into, what are they? What can we do with them? How can we use them for our personal and professional lives?

I don’t know. I’m just a guy with a web site. Are guys with a web site like me allowed to bring this kind of thing up? Or do people like me need to be like the Pope or Jerry Springer or someone that has been established on these subjects? If I work at McDonald’s or Walmart and I have questions or ideas about connecting to the universe, and actually talking about it to co-workers or friends and or family, will they come get me and lock me up.

Does Joe Blow have an open floor when it comes to these things? I’m just asking.

Anyway, the video is only 5 minutes long. Give it a look and see if some questions come to your mind about you and connecting to the universe, kind of like a wifi connection.

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