Failure is Your Friend

Failure is Your Friend. Though, I’m sure it has happened many times. Some one starts a work at home business and day one, they make one to two million dollars and retire. After the first couple of million you just turn the whole thing over to someone else and you stay in or out.

History shows that almost all of the time, when someone starts a new venture, some form of failure is right at the front door and even when it goes away, it will return again and again and again.

I have found and read numerous times that failure is your friend. In that failure is your friend, count on it and put it into your work at home, business formula and welcome failure with a smile as it comes and goes. This is because with each failure comes some form of lesson that will propel you further into multiple successes.

Our society is one that always speaks and promotes the successes of the victorious, the winners, the accomplishers accomplishments. We see it all over the media, day in and day out. Smart people understand that if they want to become successful themselves, they must study the multiple failures of the victorious that we see everyday.

If you are not prepared for the reality of failure, when it pops up the first time after you have worked hours, weeks, months or years on your venture, then first failure can destroy you. We are not trained nor taught that failure is common and should be expected.

To help me learn about what to expect, I found it handy to read hundreds of biographies of successful people. Anyone that has achieved something. The funny thing is, no matter what occupation there is, from garbage collector to world renowned chef, all those that hang on have their story.

I find that failure is my friend. I experience failure each and everyday. It is an expected part of my day.

Enjoy the video, “Failure is Your Friend.”

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