Get Rich Quick!

Get Rich Quick! We see it everywhere in our daily lives. “Buy a lotto ticket. Visit Vegas, Play the Number, Sell Amway, Sell Insurance to Your Friends and Family.” You’ve seen it. You’ve had people at work corner you at the vending machine and say, “You want to get rich quick?” Or they might say, “I´ve got an opportunity for you, come over to my house tonight at seven.” Or they may say, “ Change your life, meet me at a meeting a the Holiday Inn at 8 tonight.”

Get Rich Quick! This video series is not about getting rich quick. This series is about taking a good look at what you want to do with yourself, what you really like to do and working at it, becoming so good at it that people will benefit from what you have to offer. This video series is about gaining freedom for yourself with fun, happiness and self respect.

Get Rich Quick pretty much doesn´t happen. It may happen for the people that set up that meeting and charge $2,000 for people to get in, then the people that took the money disappear the next week. We have all seen it happen. Some of us have given them our money.

We have all received the email from Ghana saying, “I am the daughter of the King of Ghana. My country has captured my father and he has 15,000,000,000 dollars in his bank account. If you can give me your bank account number and your bank account passwords today, the I will deposit the money in your account tonight.”

If get five of these emails a day. People all over the world send the information.

Good things come with time, effort, good will and patience. This video is made to help you become rich with happiness and a true pride.

How to Work at Home