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work at homeWe Learn From Failure.
Fail, Enjoy the Lessons.


work at homeWhen chasing your dreams, working at home, you have to pretend like you are the only Trojan in the Horse.


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How to Work From HomeHow to Work from Home

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Hi, I’m Bill the Geek. People ask me all of the time questions about how to work from home. They ask me this because I created and perfected my perfect way of working at home for myself. Often I share with family, friends and strangers ( that become life long friends and new family ) how to work from home.

Currently, I live in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I am a citizen of the United States. I have to work for an income and I do ZERO business in Mexico. 70% of my business comes from the good old USA, the other 30 percent comes from people that speak English around the world. People in Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, Turkey and more, find me on the internet so that I can teach them Geeky Stuff that I taught myself how to do because I love what I do.

People visit my web sites from 131 countries around the world ( that what Google told me this morning anyway ).

I am a graduate of Dartmouth College with a Master’s degree from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks, Drown Tide).

When people ask me about how to work from home, I share with them how I work from home. I have an internet business. As long as I have my mobile system with me, and can earn money anywhere on the planet. Anywhere means in a gas station parking lot in New York City, a coffee shop in London, or even a Starbucks here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico ( Yes, we have several Starbucks here too ).

Live Free or DieMany times when I’m sharing concepts with people about how to work from home, they ask me, “ Why do you live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?”

Here is the answer. I don’t like snow in the winter and I like to swim in the ocean in the winter, summer, spring and fall. I like to wear shorts year round. I like to walk to the ocean for a swim. I don’t like to live in places where it cost way too much money to do any of these things.

I have lived in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Turkey, England, Italy, and Germany. Where I live and work in Puerto Vallarta is extremely affordable, 5 blocks from the beach, has excellent high speed internet and beautiful women to meet that come from all over the world. A big factor is that the time zone is right. Puerto Vallarta time is Chicago time. Since most of my business is in the good old USA, this puts me right in the middle of the major time zones.

On top of those lovely factors, I have a US phone number that rings right into my home and directly to my Samsung Galaxy, Note 3.

How To Work From Home.

What is this series about?

This “How to Work From Home” series is more than about how to work from home. This series is not for everyone. This series is for people that want to live as free individuals pursuing the love of their life through the conception, creation, and production of some concept that they can sell to other people on the planet.

How to Work From Home

This “How to Work from Home” series is not for people that want to sell Amway or Life Insurance Scams. This “How to Work From Home” series is about life. This series is about self confidence, spiritualism, business, courage, failure, modern technology and more.

This “How to Work From Home” series will challenge your present day values about how you were trained to live.

Enjoy the “How to Work From Home” series.

How to Work at Home