Your Job Experiences

What are Your Job Experiences? Have you had one job your whole life or are you like most people and you have had about 10 jobs if you count the ones you had before, through, and after high school and/or college.

I do know that rare person that went to high school then college and never had a job until after college because Daddy won’t let them.

What are Your Job Experiences? I´ve been working since 2nd grade. I have had about every job you can think of (except, I’ve never been a coal miner or a truck driver or a hairdresser, so I guess there are a bunch of jobs I haven´t had but I’ve had many).

My job experiences range from garbage collection to national top corporate salesperson in suit and tie. I’ve waited tables, worked in factories, painted houses, cooked food, and more.

Of course, this series is all about “I Work at Home” and things to think about when working at home or trying to develop a job that you like and you can do at home. In this series, I go through my job experiences and share with you why I decided to created my own job that I can do anywhere in world and be my own boss and work my own hours and do my own thing.

I think that if you look back at Your Job Experiences, you may find that whether you were a business suit or a garbage collection suit, if you are doing a job that you don’t like, working for people you don’t like, selling something you don’t like, then, a job is a job.

Hopefully by watching this series, you can come up with some ideas that will help you find how you would like to spend you whole life, or maybe a good portion of your life being happy, doing what you would like to do.

How to Work at Home