Jobs You Don’t Want

My list of Jobs You Don’t Want may be somewhat surprising to you. I don’t know about you, but when I think back many, many years, back to kindergarten, first grade, second grade, is see images of the way jobs were presented to me. I see pictures. I have memories of little books with pictures of fire people, police people, garbage people, doctor people, business people, nurse people and other types. I clearly remember the color drawings of those people with smiles as cartoon characters in the book.

I remember that it was kind of unsaid that I was supposed to gravitate to one of these pictures. They had pictures for the boys and pictures for the girls. Then I remember older family member and older family friends and even my teachers asking me, “Little Billy, what do you want to be went you grow up?”

This video is about Jobs You Don’t Want, or better yet, Jobs I don’t want.

I have so many life long friends that I knew in grade school. They decided way back then that they wanted to be lawyers. They went to college, went to law school, shortly after they got a job in the law arena, they got out. They hated it.

I have friends that at an early age decided they wanted to be dentist. No one ever told them that dentist are mouth garbage pickers. No one told them that if they would go that way, they would be picking garbage out of the mouths of people 24/7 forever, just so they could own a house in the suburbs and go to Cancun twice a year.

This video, “Jobs You Don’t Want” takes another look at what is supposed to be a good job.

As a child, I never saw a picture of a man or woman sitting in there kitchen, surrounded by papers with a computer in front of them with the caption, “I work at home doing what I love following my dreams that I thought up all by myself.”

How to Work at Home