Most People are Lazy

Most People are Lazy. Congratulations! If you are a go getter, if you think differently than other people and you have an idea for a work at home business, then most people being lazy is a very good thing for you.

Most People are Lazy is a good thing for you because almost whatever your work at home business is, your competitors are people, and Most People are Lazy. I had a mentor at one time, he was a famous football coach for a famous Big Ten football team. He told me, “Bill, I´m not that smart, but my competition can’t outwork me!” This coach worked his football. A lot of that came from his working at home watching videos, making phone calls, working with players, sharing time with families. He outworked his lazy, well paid competitors, working mostly at home.

Most People are Lazy is a good thing for you because most people are too lazy to make up a way to work at home. Most people are too lazy to brainstorm up an existence for themselves. That is why there are those things called “Jobs.” Even the brightest people you know don’t make up a job, they look around for jobs that have been created and defined by someone else or groups of other people.

Most People are Lazy is a good thing for you ( maybe ) because only 5% of people on the planet earth actually create system for themselves where they do what they figured out to do for themselves and make a living through their own creativity.

The only way that the phrase “Most People are Lazy,” could be bad for you would be if you are one of the lazy people.

No worries though. Someone out there has a list of special things written up and well planned out for you to do the rest of your life. See, it´s a win – win situation for everyone on the planet.

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