Pumping Yourself Up

Pumping Yourself Up when you work for yourself at home or actually no matter what you do in life should be your main function. Pumping Yourself Up should be a day in, day out constant that is in you all of the time.

When I say Pumping Yourself Up, I by no means mean to say that you should look down on others, or think, believe or say that you are better than others, but it is necessity to acknowledge one’s own talents and capabilities whenever possible within that little area between your ears called the brain.

Personally I really do not understand why there are so many angry, miserable people walking around these days. They are everywhere (of course there are as many wonderful people out there with the angry miserable ones too). The problem with most of us, including me, is that you can run into 1,000 really nice, wonderful people (if you are real lucky) and then run into one bad apple that can spoil your day. I don´t understand that either. Why is it that the one bad experience can stick in your mind and the 1,000 good experiences go unremembered?

And, many of us, being unique and adventurous in our venture are actually extremely different than those that are all around us. Our families, our neighbors, even maybe that special person that you partnered up with and you thought would be on your side, many times feed us quite negative vibes.

Here’s the deal. You started this dance, and you are the only one that can hear the music. That´s why Pumping Yourself Up should be on your mind 24/7, before anything else. And even when, or especially when things don’t go well, or as planned, then that is truly the time you should be Pumping Yourself Up.

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