Turn Off Your TV

Turn Off Your TV. When you work at home, following your dream, attempting to create and control your new life and venture, the last thing you need is a voice in the background telling you to eat a cheese burger at McDonald’s every 4 minutes.

Just the facts Jack. TV is used to sell you stuff. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe anything that I say but please think about it for a minute. I have a question for you.

If you and a friend go out for dinner and the dinner takes 2 hours with perhaps drinks, appetizers, meal and Twinkies at the end, what would you do if every 4 minutes said, “Buy a pair of tennis shoes.” Oh, they aren’t just saying it, but every 4 minutes they sing a little jingle that they made up that last for 30 seconds.

Oh, again, don’t believe me, but please just read a little further. So you´re with them for 2 hours, and pretty much almost 1 hour is your hearing them singing you the little jingle about buying the tennis shoes.

If this happened to you, would you go out to dinner with the person ever again. Would you suggest to your friends to go have dinner with this person again?

Maybe you use a devise to cut out all of the commercials. Good for you. I´m just saying, I don´t watch TV at all. All of my information, video watching, all of it is viewed in an extremely selective fashion.

Turn Off Your TV. Think about this. What if no one on the planet watched TV? What would people do? Of course, many people out there are saying they would do this or that. My point is, if there was no TV, people would think. People would talk to each other. People would talk to their families. People would talk to neighbors and co-workers and come up with ways TO WORK AND HOME.

Instead, people get home, join their well programmed kids in front of the TV, take a trip to McDonald’s and buy a $150 pair of tennis shoes on the way home.

Turn Off Your TV!

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