What is a Good Job?

What is a good job? I call this, “The Mythical Question.”

I heard Tom Petty in an interview a few years ago. For those of you that don´t know Tom Petty, he had a rock band. Today, he must be at least 70 years old. He has had a good life creating music and being in a few movies.

In the interview, someone asked him, “What was your first job?” His response was, “I´ve never had a job.”

Imagine that. Tom Petty is 70 years old and says that he has never had a job. He has traveled the world loading up equipment, staying in hotels that many people would not stay in, sometimes eating food that many would not eat, living in apartments other people would never live in and then, things went right. All of the thousands of concerts and miles of travel and he considers that not to be a job.

If you talk to the CEO of Ford, would he say he has never had a job. What about the CEO of Exxon? Would he consider what he does to be a job?

What is a Good Job? I would say Tom Petty’s “job.” But to him the answer to “What is a Good Job?” has to do with his love for doing what he did for a living. All he needed at first was a guitar and some people to play music with.

You have a talent. It may not be a guitar and some songs, but in you there is a passion just waiting to be expressed. Only you know what that passion is.

I hate to bring up another musician, but there was a blind guy that lived and played in Columbus, Ohio years ago. He dated a hair dresser. The hair dresser’s friends and family told her to leave him. They told her, “have him sell pencils on the corner like the other blind people do.”

The hairdresser followed the advise of her friends and family. Yes she did. She broke up her relationship with Ray Charles.

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