Who is Bill the Geek?

Who is Bill the Geek? Good question. Fortunately I am him and I´ll be happy to explain who this guy is as well as why the heck have we created this “I Work at Home” video series.

Bill the Geek, who’s real name is Bill Dallas Lewis, was born a raised mostly in Columbus, Ohio, though he did go to kindergarten in London. London, Ohio that is which is 30 minutes away from Columbus, Ohio.

Who is Bill the Geek? Bill the Geek grew up in inner city Columbus as a child then his family moved him to the country, on the edge of Columbus. He grew up with a BB gun with a creek in the backyard chasing rabbits and skating miles and miles down the creek with friend.

Bill the Geek is a Graduate of Dartmouth College with a Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University.

Bill was a top salesperson for Dun and Bradstreet, blew the whistle on them in a Rico Class Action suit and opened ABC’s 20/20 uncovering the fraud. He then consulted Dun and Bradstreet customers how to buy Dun and Bradstreet services for a fraction of what they were paying and he earned more than a thousand dollars a day, working 4 hours a day, WORKING AT HOME.

The money was good, but the the work was boring so Bill the Geek decided he wanted to make the world a better place. He wrote and illustrated children’s books for 15 years and was invited to show school kids, teachers and school administrators how to create computer art and computer presentations.
He has presented in more than 600 schools and school conferences around the world.

After a brutal divorce, Bill the Geek taught advanced computer graphics and coding to corporations in San Francisco for 7 years on Montgomery street. It was there that he figured he could teach on line and live any where in the world that had high speed internet.

Thus, Bill the Geek packed up and moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where he now lives 8 blocks from the beach, swims in the ocean everyday, and watches the sun meet the ocean every evening.

Who is Bill the Geek? Bill the Geek is a single creative type hoping to one day meet that special, creative female geek that will join him in creativity in Geekdom in Vallarta.

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