Working at Home, Meetings with Myself

Do you talk to yourself? When you work at home by yourself do you have meetings with yourself? I do. As you know, I have been working at home pretty close to 30 years. I would say that for about 20 years or more, I never really considered calling “talking to myself” having a meeting.

The more I worked at home, I found that I had to justify many of the things that I did working at home to myself and to the people outside of my work at home life.

If you have started to work at home, you will find that people outside of your empire don’t really understand that fact that one can be in their pajamas and in fact be doing a big, important business deal with someone in Manhattan.

A lot of my work is creative stuff. Sometimes I´m putting together a sound track for background music. Sometimes I´m doing 3D generation for one of my cartoons. Sometime I´m doing logo art. I’ll take a break to get some coffee for a couple of minutes and run into a friend. They will ask me, “What are you doing?” If I tell them I´m doing art work, they don’t take my time serious. They think maybe we can talk for a couple of hours or maybe see a movie or do nothing for long periods of time.

PEOPLE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE! So, I just tell people, “I´m working.” They have no clue what that means, but all of a sudden, the avoid you like the plague.

Given the strange aspects of working for yourself, by yourself, I have found it appealing to label talking to myself, “Meeting With Myself.” I create productive ways to have meeting with myself. I create enjoyable ways to have meetings with myself.

Enjoy the video, “Working at Home, Meetings with Myself.”

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