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Adobe Dreamweaver CC CSS Lists

Introduction to the All Powerful List

Years ago, I took an Html class and the instructor said, “We´re not going to cover lists because no one ever uses them.” What a jerk.  Now most of what you see on the internet is a list.  Let´s take a good look at Adobe Dreamweaver CC Lists.  Adobe Dreamweaver CC CSS List are in all kinds of places that you would never expect.  Most menus you see on any web page are a vertical or horizontal list.  Most shopping carts are in a list. Most of what you see in WordPress is in a list.  I could kill that instructor.

Creating a Basic Vertical List

When you are creating Adobe Dreamweaver CC CSS Lists, you will find that one of the most friendly types of list to work with is the Vertical list.  Hopefully you have taken a good look at our CSS section and you have a wonderful idea of what margins and paddings are and how to use them.  These to CSS properties will help you size and space your Adobe Dreamweaver CC CSS Lists.

Creating a Horizontal List

Creating Adobe Dreamweaver CC CSS lists in a horizontal fashion gets to be a little weirded out in my opinion.  I tell ya, to get these horizontal list done, and to create more in the future, you will want to get out the handy Dreamweaver snipptets panel and save the code that first of all, gets rid of the default bullets that show up and second of all makes the list items go horizontal instead of default vertical.  Oh, then there is the width and height issue, that get done in a very strange manner too.

Putting Images in Lists

Adobe Dreamweaver CC CSS Lists are a lot like stew, or a blender.  You can put anything in them.  I just wanted to make this video to show you that lists are not only for links or text.  With lists, you can insert images, paragraphs, videos, forms, WhatEver!

Free CSS Lists Help

When I finally got back on track with lists, this web site helped me out tons because it had all kinds of lists with the html and css code right on their pages, freely available for cut and paste and trial and error.  Go to this site on a Friday night with some friends and just play around.  You´ll be a real smash when you show this to all of your friends.


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