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Adobe Dreamweaver CC and CSS

What is CSS

If you are new to Adobe Dreamweaver CC and CSS, then you may be asking yourself, “What is CSS.”  You may have a basic idea of what it does, or maybe you are clueless.  Where ever you are, this is a good place to start with this first video.

What is a CSS Rule

Now that you have seen the video, “What is CSS” the journey continues.  In working with Adobe Dreamweaver CC and CSS, it is time we move ahead a bit into the Rules, not rules like red light, green light, but the CSS Rules.  The little words that start with a dot, or a #, or just a word.  And what are those curly bracy things and what is the stuff between them.  Those would be the rules.  Let’s take a look and Adobe Dreamweaver CC and CSS, The Rules.

CSS Syntax

Every language has an order for the elements used in the language.  Money me have. Have me money. Me have money.  What order works for you.  In the Land of Adobe Dreamweaver CC and CSS ( or anywhere that CSS is used ) there are certain “things” called syntax that will save you a lot of time and money if you watch this video and get with the CSS Syntax program right now.

CSS Selector Types

In the land of Adobe Dreamweaver CC and CSS, you will be looking up a lot of things trying to find solutions to challenges you will have with any web project.  Join the club.  You will hear about Selectors and you will see Selectors, but what is a Selector and what are your options?

Should you use a CSS Class or a CSS ID?

This is the question I get all of the time.  But I get the real basic question like, “What is a class?”  Then I hear, “What is an ID?”  Then these two questions are always followed by, “Which one should I use?”  These are very good and extremely important questions you want to answer NOW!

Using Adobe Dreamweaver Code Snippets

There is some code you don´t know at all right now, but you will know it well in about a month.  Sometimes, that’s just 2 or 3 lines of code that you will use again and again in 1 hour.  Sometimes, there are 8 lines of code that are very important, but you only need them once every six months.  When I am using Adobe Dreamweaver CC and CSS, I save lots of code in a special little place called the “snippets” panel.  Once I save it there, I can use it again and again and again with the click of a button.  I love the snippets panel.

External or Embedded CSS

This is a big one.  Once you understand this truly, then you really are on your way to moving down the road in the land of web development.  When you understand this concept, you gain true power.  With Adobe Dreamweaver CC and CSS  ( WordPress too ) once you understand this, you understand the true meaning of Cascading Style Sheets.

Using the Adobe Dreamweaver CC CSS Designer Panel

I tell you what, some Dreamweaver panels I never use at all, but I find the CSS Designer Panel very useful and I use it all of the time.  I left this item for last because I think that if you don´t understand your CSS Rules, Selectors and Syntax, then the CSS Designer Panel is just a ball of confusion.


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