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Adobe Dreamweaver CC Tables

The Basics of Making Adobe Dreamweaver CC Tables

For decades, tables made the world go round in all web sites.  Making basic Adobe Dreamweaver CC Tables is very basic and fun.  Here are the Basics.  Have Fun.

Understanding Table Properties

Now that you understand the basics of Adobe Dreamweaver CC Tables it is time to get to the good stuff.  The good stuff is Table Properties.  That would be the things that a table html tag can be, and what a table cell can be.  Once you know what separate super powers they both have, then you can control your page’s presentation.

Using Many Different Tables in the Same Page

Most of my clients don’t think of putting many different Adobe Dreamweaver CC Tables in the same page.  When you see it work, and how it works it can make your building skills a lot easier.

Using One Page as a Template to Build a Whole Site

When I start building a web site, working on the first page may take me hours, sometimes days.  The thing is, the time is well spent.  Once my plan is done, I can whip out the rest of the pages for the site like a machine.  When using Adobe Dreamweaver CC Tables, if you plan well, the rest of the site is easy.

Putting Images in Tables

Let’s put some pictures in this thing.

Putting Background Images in Tables and Table Cells

When it come to putting images in Adobe Dreamweaver CC Tables, you will have to use some code.  It didn’t use to be like that.  They use to have a button to get it done.  No more.

Using Images as Links

Sure, you see it all of the time and do it everyday on the net.  You click images and go some where new.  Let’s do that.

Creating Rollover Images

Rollover images are fun to make and fun to rollover.  These are Javascript Rollover images.  Later on, we will go to CSS Rollover images in the CSS Section.

Inserting Video into Table Cells

Everybody wants video on their page.  Let’s do that.

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