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Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials

Learn Web Design the right way from Bill the Geek with our 170 plus, “Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials”.

Hi. I’m Bill the Geek. Welcome to my collection of Adobe Dreamweaver cc Video Tutorials. My main site is is one of the oldest web sites on the internet and was investigated by the FBI along with Disney back in 1996 because the FBI wanted to know what the internet was all about.

The Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials that I have put together come from years of hands on, stay up all night pulling your hair out, years of first hand experience.

These Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials were not created by a major corporation with sales people trying to put their kids through Harvard ( though I am a Dartmouth College Graduate with a Masters Degree from The Ohio State University). I’m just a guy that learned web design the hard way writing html in note pad before Facebook was a thought.

I have taught web design to tens of thousands of people, many times one on one. I have taught web design to the top corporate designers at The Gap, Citi Group, Wells Fargo, Old Navy, Visa and even MacroMedia.

These Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials are here to help you get started in the world that I love, the world of writing code and watching the beauty of Art, spew out of your mind, into code and images and then presented to millions and billions all over the planet.

I have created these Adobe Dreamweaver CC VideoTutorials because I use and teach Adobe Dreamweaver CC every day.

I have created these Adobe Dreamweaver CC VideoTutorials because Adobe Dreamweaver is the best web developing tool out there to write your code (html, php, javascript, php, actionscript) and mix the code with images, video, forms etc, and then upload your file to the server.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is an Excellent tool.

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How Should You Use These Adobe Dreamweaver CC VideoTutorials?

These videos are valuable for new comers as well as people that have been working with the web for many years. I would say, it is essential to start out with the CSS sections.

Get into the CSS, live and breathe CSS. Love CSS. Dream CSS. Watch these videos before you move ahead. Of course, you really, really want to understand your html before you get to the CSS.

CSS3, Responsive Web and Bootstrap

Once you have mastered the CSS section of our Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials, then you want to begin to master the CSS Responsive Web Design sections. Responsive Web Design was the major web concept of the year 2013. They actually labeled 2013 as the Year of Responsive Web Design. Before you move ahead into using, learning and understanding Bootstrap, I strongly suggest you really understand how to make sites responsive using your own CSS.

I truly believe that if you learn and master your own CSS techniques for Responsive Web Design, then you might leave Bootstrap for the masses to use while you move ahead of the pack doing bigger and greater things.

Also, once you understand how to code your own responsive pages, you will have a much better understanding of Bootstrap and WordPress once you start using those applications.

Using the Adobe Dreamweaver Tools

These Adobe Dreamweaver CC VideoTutorials are more that about using Dreamweaver. These videos are actually about web design. I just happen to use Dreamweaver in almost every aspect of my web design.

Adobe Dreamweaver has some great tools. Some web designers use 38 or more applications to do their web design function. They spend most of their web design life updating these 38 applications and reading and researching how they work. This is a great plan for people that work for the government and get paid by the hour.

Instead of using 38 applications, I use one, Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

In our Adobe Dreamweaver CC VideoTutorials, I will show you not only the code I write, but also the Dreamweaver tools and panels that help you organize your code, your work your art.

If you don’t get paid by the hour by the government or some big corporation, then you will enjoy these time saving, creative tips.

A Little PHP

You hear so much about Php and it is a very powerful language and concept. But tell you what. I have 3 videos that will give you enough Php to last you for a very long time if you do not want to become a php pro. Check out our Php section to be used with html and these videos will surely change your life.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials,,,,,Wordpress Is not Easy!

If you work for the government and get paid by the hour, and some other government employee took years to set up the WordPress site you work with, then WordPress might be easy. But, I bet, just like most of the stuff that the Government does, that WordPress Site doesn’t do much.

In our Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials, you will see that if you understand CSS3, a little PHP, and some responsive web design concepts, then Dreamweaver will help your creative design concepts come to life.

With Dreamweaver you can create your WordPress Child Themes, upload them to the server and control the appearance of your WordPress site like no one you know can. Also, in the Dreamweaver application, you can actually see the changes you are making live in the editing environment.

In our tutorials, you will see how to create your own local server so that you can create your own, experimental WordPress, Dreamweaver World that you will learn to love.

Tell your friends and family goodbye.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials

And What about Adobe Photoshop CC

I know some very smart and talented web geeks that can create a MySql data base in their sleep and connect that information to a drone located on Neptune. But, these very talented individuals have no idea of how to crop an image in Photoshop.

Being an Author/Illustrator of Children’s Books for 15 years, I have taught and used Adobe Photoshop since Photoshop 3 ( not Photoshop CS 3, Photoshop 3 ).

I have taught Photoshop to professional web and print designers for 15 years. Photoshop can appear to be extremely complex. But when it comes down to it, most people using Photoshop just want to mix, edit, crop and resize images. This is not Rocket Science work.

In our video tutorials, we have 30 plus video sharing with you the essentials you need to manipulate your images and get them up on the web in any web environment.

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