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Beginning Adobe Photoshop CC

Setting Up the Workspace

When you are beginning Adobe Photoshop CC, you launch the program for the first time and see all kinds of panels and options that you really don’t need to see, and perhaps will never use.  Let’s get rid of all of the confusion and get you on the right path.  You can bring everything back to the original settings at any time.

Managing Your Images With Adobe Bridge

Though you are just beginning with Adobe Photoshop CC, you will end up saving and importing hundreds if not thousands of images.  What are the chances of you remembering what the image looks like, but not remembering the file name.  If you own Adobe Photoshop CC, you own Adobe Bridge.  With a click of a button, you can click on any folder on your computer and see all of the images in that folder.  By double clicking the image, the image opens in Photoshop.  Very Handy!

Adobe Photoshop CC and Image Resolution

When you are beginning Adobe Photoshop CC, certain concepts may slip right by as perhaps, unimportant.  But, trust me, down the road, not understanding image resolution can effect what you have done with images, going back years.  Let’s get your head straight right now.

Adobe Photoshop CC Free Transform

This is a tool I use in Adobe Photoshop everyday.  It is easy to understand and fun to use, as well as important to the Adobe Photoshop daily workflow.  When I was beginning with Adobe Photoshop CC, I wish someone had been around to share the usefulness of this great tool.

Adobe Photoshop CC Cropping Images

There are tens of thousands of people that use Photoshop for this one tool.  The crop tool.  Getting rid of stuff in an image.  In that you are beginning Adobe Photoshop CC, this is a great skill to pick up early.

Adobe Photoshop CC Merging Images

This is so much fun.  Putting Images in other images.  Once you learn to put, mix, as many images as you would like to in one images, you will want to move ahead into understand how to work with Adobe Photoshop Layers.

Adobe Photoshop CC Using Layers

Adobe Photoshop CC Layers are most likely one of the most important things there is to know about Photoshop.  If you are beginning Adobe Photoshop CC, then this video will just blow your mind.

Adobe Photoshop CC The History Panel

I call the History Panel, “The land of Undo’s.”  You can go back in time in one file up to 2,000 times.  It is a hard thing to tell you, but if you watch the video, you will see the great functionality of the History Panel.

Adobe Photoshop CC Selecting and Using Colors

Each image you work with can contain up to 16,700,000 million colors.  That is the number of colors that the human eye can see ( like somebody really knows right ).  Each color has a different number.  How do you know what color is what?  How do you save different colors?  The answers are here.

How to Learn Adobe Dreamweaver CC

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