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Changing Fonts in WordPress

Changing Fonts in WordPressChanging Fonts in WordPress

In the past, changing fonts in WordPress was not really an easy thing to do. If you were good with CSS, it was no problem. I can write CSS in my sleep, so not a big deal for me. But even if you knew CSS, you had to know how to get to the CSS that needed to be manipulated. Beyond finding out where the CSS in any theme was or is, then you had to realize that you don´t want to change that CSS in the CSS file called style.css, NO, that would just make too much sense. You had to learn the hard way maybe, that you need to create a CSS Child theme, then learn how to title it, label it and up load it to the right place. Oh my. Not quite the drag and drop situation that most people expected.

Thus these videos. I can think of at least 5 ways to manipulate fonts when it comes to changing fonts in WordPress. That´s all I can think of at this moment. Give me an hour, and most likely I can come up with about 30 more ways, but the following videos share with you the 5 most direct, somewhat simple and popular methods of getting the job done. Of course as we all know, the popular way does not indicate that a method is the best way to get things done.

The first method of Changing Fonts in WordPress is the easiest way. That method is to not change the fonts at all. Aren´t you glad you waisted your time thus far for me to tell you that.

Method number 2 in Changing Fonts in WordPress would be to go into the style.css file and change the fonts there. Of course if you use that method, you want to make sure you are not making universal changes to the entire WordPress site when you only want to make your manipulate of some text effective on just one page, or on only one widget, the left widget, not the right widget.

Method number 3 would be to use prebuilt WordPress Plugins.

There Ya Go. There are the 3 out of 5 methods we share. Watch the videos and look out for the other 2.