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Changing Page Layouts in WordPress

Changing Page Layouts in WordPressChanging Page Layouts in WordPress

Changing Page Layouts in WordPress is a little bit tricky. There are many ways to do it, but in the land of WordPress, it’s another Easter Egg hunt that can be very complex. The are many factors that add to the complexity.

Changing Page Layouts in WordPress can be Theme dependent. We let me just come out and say it out right, Changing Page Layouts in WordPress is THEME DEPENDENT! Unless you can hand code php and css you are under that thumb of the person that developed the theme that you decided to use.

I make these videos in a certain order. I am actually sharing information so that people can understand and use WordPress and save a lot of time and money. There is really a reason that I made videos called, “Selecting a WordPress Theme,” and “Choosing a WordPress Theme.”

I have a client. They are making a WordPress site for the first time. They ask me, “What theme should I use in WordPress?” I told them to watch my videos.

The client chooses a theme that allows only one page layout. Content on the right, sidebar with widgets on the left. The client paid $150.00 for the theme ( they didn´t ask me first ).

Fine. Now, the client wants the sidebar on the right, and most pages they want no side bar at all. Fine.

The challenge is, this client is just studid. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!! If it´s true is’s true.

Fortunately for them, I have CSS and PHP skills, I have the power and knowledge to change any theme to make it do pretty much whatever I want it to do. But most people are not in that situation.

Some themes make it easy when allowing Changing Page Layouts in WordPress, some themes don´t allow it at all unless you are a coder.

I´m sure that you are not as Stupid as my client. What the video, “Changing Page Layouts in WordPress.”