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Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress ThemeChoosing a WordPress Theme

Are you in the process of choosing a WordPress theme. As you go about choosing a WordPress theme, what have you done this far? How much time have you spent or invested in you quest? Did you hear about WordPress yesterday and find a theme in about an hour?

Many of my clients from all over the world heard about WordPress yesterday, found a theme today, and populated their site for the world to see. In doing so, most of my clients are in great agony because they didn´t know the right questions to ask and get answers to when it comes time to choosing a WordPress theme.

In choosing a WordPress Theme, if I were you, I would first of all make up a list of what you need on your site. What options will you have for your visitors? Given the options you offer, what do your visitors click to see those options. Will you have images? Where will the images be placed? Will you have slideshows? Where will the slideshows be placed? How many places on your page will people be able to choose to navigate from one page to another? Will you have options for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and other options ( social network options )? Will you be tracking page visitation on a daily basis? Will you allow visitor to buy items or services? Will you have a calender of events you want to share with your visitors?

In choosing a WordPress theme, have you asked and answered all and more of these questions? If your answer is no, then please slow down and save yourself some time and heartache and do so. Take your time.

Most of us on the planet have had more than one relationship with a special partner. Most of us know what happens when you jump in bed to early and face the regrets later.

Enjoy the video, “Choosing a WordPress Theme?”