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Controlling Your Divi Menus

Controlling Your Divi MenusControlling Your Divi Menus

Controlling Your Divi Menus is easy, again I say that because I pretty much live in Divi and I know where most of the magic places are that you want to be aware of yourself. That is where this video, “Controlling Your Divi Menus,” is really going to change your life.

What you will see in this video is that you have 3 places to put menus ( this is really not true, I’m just saying that for now. You will learn that you can add menus to places, why more than three, than you could never need or imagine).

In this video, “Controlling Your Divi Menus,” you will learn to control the color, font size, drop down menu situation and of course location.

In Divi you have the Primary Menu, the Secondary Menu and the Footer Menu. Those are the only ones I’m going to mention right now.

You can create as many menus as you would like, and, you can hide and show menus as you would like. The system is very flexible.

I don’t use the footer menu as much as other people do. I surf the web all of the time and I rarely pay attention to the footer. Am I alone? Am I the only one? But Divi allows you to put 1 to 4 columns in the footer. You can add more of course.

You will be very proud of yourself and when you are done and your prospects and clients view your page with your special menus, they will be very impressed.

If you are a web designer and use Divi for your clients, your clients will love it.

To write the code to make this happen using CSS, Html, and PHP and to make the site responsive for all devises would take you about 12 hours for the first page. Divi get all of this done for you in less than 30 minutes.

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