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Creating a WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress Website

What is WordPress?

When you are thinking about creating a WordPress Website, you want to know the answer to this question, “What is this Content Management System (CMS) thing all about”.  Wordpress is more than a Web Page Builder. When you are creating a WordPress website, you are using a very powerful Content Managment system.

WordPress Major Tools, Themes, Plugins, Widgets, and Menus

When you begin creating a WordPress website, it really helps if you understand the four vital compenents that make WordPress the awesome web tool that it has become.

What is a WordPress Theme?

When you are creating a WordPress Website, you are going to work with a WordPress Theme. I have seen many clients and students of mine pick the wrong theme right at the very beginning. It never fails. They live with the theme for a few months, then they have to choose another theme and take hours, days, even months to rebuild what they created.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

Your website is the face of your presentation.  When creating a WordPress website there are many choices to be made for any one theme you might decide upon.  Cover these issues up front.

Selecting a WordPress Theme

Choosing a Theme and Selecting a Theme are two different things.  Slow and carefull consideration up front when you are thinking about creating your WordPress Website will save you lots of time and money.

The WordPress Dashboard

Now that you have reviewed WordPress theme concepts as you are thinking about creating a WordPress Website, we need to go a bit further into key WordPress concepts. Before we go there and talk about Plugins, Widgets and Menus, we need to look at the WordPress Dashboard. The WordPress Dashboard is the driver seat, the remote control, the table of contents, that puts you behind the wheel when creating your WordPress website.

Creating Menus (Links to Pages and Post) in WordPress

Creating Menus with links to pages and posts is so easy that at the beginning, it is hard to understand.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

Plugins make the WordPress World go round.

What is a WordPress Widget?

In the beginning, plugins and widgets can be confusing as to which one does what.

Why Create a WordPress Child Theme?

This is Super, Duper Important.

Actually Building the WordPress Child Theme

The nuts and bolts. As you go into creating a WordPress website, you want to open your themes style.css file and see if there are any special instructions for child themes. I´ver seen hundreds of themes and creating a child theme is usually pretty straight forward. In the last two weeks, I´ve seen 2 different themes with very strange instructions on how to edit the theme’s CSS.

Should You Make Pages or Posts in WordPress

When you are creating a WordPress website, there is a bit of confusion about something that should be very basic. What is a Post? What is a Page? When should you use One or the Other?

WordPress Permilinks

You really want to know this before you save your first Page or Post.  I’m Serious! If you do not address this issue at the very beginning of creating a WordPress website, it can take you months to get out of a not so good situation. The upfront fix takes 30 seconds.

WordPress Pages, Posts and SEO Concerns

If you are for real about your website, You want to think ahead about how will people find you on the internet.  Brief and to the point, SEO First.

Changing the Default WordPress Home Page

By default, Your Blog is your home page.   Is that what you want?  If that is not what you want, here is how you can make any page or post that you create your WordPress Home Page.

WordPress Page Layout, Theme Options

Do you want a full page, wide open with just images, maybe a video, or just text with images and no sidebars, left or right.  Do you want the sidebar on the left sometimes, and a full page other times.  To control page layout, this video is the answer.