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Defining Your SiteDefining a Dreamweaver Site

This is Super-Duper Important. This is something that should be #1 above all else you do in Dreamweaver. #1. Defining a Dreamweaver Site is of prime importance. Do this before coffee, shower, kiss the love one, walk the dog, DEFINING A Dreamweaver Site is #1.

Did I say, defining a Dreamweaver Site is very important.

Defining a Dreamweaver Site tells Dreamweaver where all of your web stuff is. Defining a Dreamweaver Site tells Dreamweaver where your pages are, where your CSS style sheets are, where your pictures are, where the computer server is that is going to upload everything for the world to see.

Of course, You are a free bird. You don´t have to, or need to, your life will not come to an end. But, you will pull out all of whatever hair you have and then you will have even fewer friends than you do now.

One of the greatest things about defining a Dreamweaver Site is that not only can you define one site, you can define as many as you want. When you become a very successful web developer and you have 1,000,000 clients and they are all paying you big money, by defining a site for each and everyone of them, you can keep all of their stuff organized and with a click of a button, you can grab, change and upload their stuff to the server. And then Bill Them Big Money! WOW!

So, enjoy, “Defining a Dreamweaver.”

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