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Making a Contact Form in Divi

Making a contact form in DiviMaking a Contact Form in Divi

Making a Contact Form in Divi is a real breeze. You just don’t know how much of a breeze it is. You just click a couple of buttons, and poof, you did it. Of course you have to click a couple of other buttons to make the whole process work perfectly, but that is where this video, “Making a Contact Form in Divi,” comes to your service.

Now, I have to tell you. I have been hand coding sites since 1996. Creating a contact form back then, and to be honest, until about 3 or 4 years ago was just a big pain in the ass. Now mostly, I teach web design, many times I do web design for people. I tell you what, being a web designer is really tough, not because the work is really hard, it’s because many people on the planet are not very pleasant people.

Anyway, back to Making a Contact Form in Divi. Prior to 3 to 5 years ago, you had to be a real geek to create just a basic, contact form. You of course need to know the html, that was the easiest part. That is the part that creates the appearance of the form. The places where you type in your name, email and comments and whatever else you put in the form. So after you make the html contact form, it’s pretty and ready to go. Wrong!

After your write the html, then you had to create a data base where the information can show up and maybe be stored, that’s mySQL. And of course you need to know some PHP to connect the html with the data base.

Ha! When I was doing web design 8 years ago and someone would say, “I need a contact form,” I would freak.

Anyway, Making a Contact Form in Divi is super easy, and there are many different ways to use the forms offered in Divi. All you need to know is what buttons to click. No Code.

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