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Dreamweaver and Bootstrap

introToBootStrap1 from Bill Lewis on Vimeo.

Adobe Dreamweaver and Bootstrap

Dreamweaver and Bootstrap have become a team. Adobe has incorporated Bootstrap into the Dreamweaver environment. When I say Dreamweaver and Bootstrap have become a team, I mean that Dreamweaver comes with 7 pre-build, Bootstrap themes to work with. You can open the theme, replace images and text and then you can upload to the server.

Using Dreamweaver and Bootstrap together means that in this new version of Adobe Dreamweaver CC, when you click, “File New,” you can open a blank Bootstrap file, or an Adobe Dreamweaver Template file. Even if you open a blank, Bootstrap html document, this still saves you a fair amount of time.

Open a blank Bootstrap new file with Dreamweaver and Bootstrap working together in Dreamweaver saves you time because you don´t have to download and connect the Bootstrap CSS and Javascript files that are needed to make Bootstrap fully functional.

But that is not all with the Dreamweaver and Bootstrap team working together. Though I am all for writing one’s own code, and I will always suggest you do, the Dreamweaver and Bootstrap team offer an entire Dreamweaver panel that has scores of options for you to double click and have the elements drop right into your html document. Elements such as navigation menus, buttons, page fixed containers, fluid containers, rows, grid elements, images, buttons, Javascript carousels and more are just a click away from showing up in your creation.

Using the Dreamweaver and Bootstrap combo is made even more simple now that Dreamweaver has included scores of prewritten code snippets that help you alter the appearance and functionality of your pages.

Of course, the Dreamweaver and Bootstrap combo wraps the experience up further by showing you what the page looks like in an actual browser window, in various media devices with a click of a button.

Wrap this Dreamweaver Bootstrap combo with Dreamweaver built in file management and FTP function and you are up and on the web.