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Dreamweaver or WordPress?

Dreamweaver or WordPress?

Below you will find 2 videos showing the differences I see between Dreamweaver and WordPress. Scroll down and you can click the links.

Dreamweaver or WordPress? What is the environment for you? I contract for both. I consult in both. I teach both. I hear the question everyday, “Dreamweaver or WordPress?”

I have said it once, It will say it again, and I´ll try to be very clear. Dreamweaver was created by Macromedia. The people that developed Dreamweaver created it as a code building tool. The tool was built to help people that write code to write PHP, Javascript, ASP, CSS oh and yes Html.

Dreamweaver or WordPress? Let me continue a bit. I used to teach in a school for corporate designers in San Francisco. We offered Dreamweaver as a course. Before a client could take the Dreamweaver course, they had to complete and master the Html, Javascript and Css courses.

Everyone that completed the Html and CSS courses understood that Dreamweaver helped one organize the code, upload to the server, work with hundreds of sites easily, organize files of all types and more. When people slipped through the cracks and bypassed the Html, CSS and Javascript courses, they slowed the class down to a snails crawl asking html, css and Javascript questions.

When MacroMedia launched Dreamweaver, it was the day of the WYSIWYG, drag and drop web building tools that made typing some sentences, putting in some images and uploading to the server easy. MacroMedia made that possible with their code writing application and became the best there was. At one time 70% of all sites on the internet were created by someone using Dreamweaver.

Take a Look at Dreamweaver and WordPress Side by SideDreamweaver or WordPress?

Take a Look at Dreamweaver and WordPress Side by Side

I use Dreamweaver everyday to write code for html and css sites. I use Dreamweaver everyday to edit CSS from WordPress sites. I am not the best at PHP but when I do write it, I do it in Dreamweaver. I have created Javascript games in Dreamweaver. I am a geek.

If you are getting married, and you want to put together a Wedding site, I would download a Wedding site theme, fill in the blanks and be done with it. Your site will be almost the way you want it to look and people will come to your wedding.

If you are becoming a web designer, I would say learn your Html, CSS, Javascript and PHP. There are many free code editors out there. Many are free. But if you legally use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash or Premiere Pro, you own Dreamweaver with the Adobe Creative Cloud so why not use it.

Dreamweaver and WordPress, Which or both is for youDreamweaver or WordPress?

Dreamweaver and WordPress, Which or both is for you

I read reviews about Dreamweaver writing sloppy or bad code. What the F)$7 are these people talking about. Either YOU WROTE THE CODE, OR YOU DIDN’T. If you relied on Dreamweaver to code some Javascript drop down menus then shame on you.

I love WordPress. I use WordPress everyday. You can write the code for a great WordPress theme in DREAMWEAVER, if you know how to code. I have never used a WordPress theme that I did not have to edit in Dreamweaver. Never,,,,Ever….

So, if you are throwing up a site, one time only, download a WordPress theme and be done with it. If you want to control your site environment totally, then you will need to learn and understand html, css and a little php and javascript. Again, there are many code editors out there for free or for cash. I use Dreamweaver everyday.