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Editing WordPress Pages and Posts

Editing WordPress Pages and Posts

Making WordPress Pages and Post

Making WordPress pages and posts can be done with a click of a button. In this video, we would like to share with you what to do, what to look for and what to watch out for once your have clicked the “New Page” or “New Post” button in the WordPress Dashboard. Here we go into the basics of the many ways of editing WordPress Pages and Posts.

Using Html and CSS in a WordPress Post or Page

Using Html and CSS in a WordPress Page or Post is pretty straight forward as you begin the process of editing WordPress pages and posts. It’s as straight forward as setting the clock in a brand new rental car. Ever been in that situation. You rent a car in a different time zone that the one you live in, get in the car, and want to know what time it is. Then you look at the clock and the clock says it´s eight in the morning but it’s dark outside and actually it got dark like 6 hours ago. When editing WordPress pages and posts, using Html and CSS is kind of like that.

Changing Fonts in WordPress

Of course, when you are editing WordPress pages and posts, you will want to choose, change and edit fonts.

In the past, changing fonts in WordPress was not really an easy thing to do. If you were good with CSS, it was no problem. I can write CSS in my sleep, so not a big deal for me. But even if you knew CSS, you had to know how to get to the CSS that needed to be manipulated. Beyond finding out where the CSS in any theme was or is, then you had to realize that you don´t want to change that CSS in the CSS file called style.css, NO, that would just make too much sense. You had to learn the hard way maybe, that you need to create a CSS Child theme, then learn how to title it, label it and up load it to the right place. Oh my. Not quite the drag and drop situation that most people expected.

WordPress Font Plugins

As always, there are some new and interesting developments when it comes to editing WordPress pages and posts. WordPress Font Plugins are here. I´m a Geek ( with an upper case G ), so I prefer to go into my selected theme’s child theme, and edit the CSS right in there. But even a code Geek like me loves a good WordPress Font Plugin. I have been using WordPress for a long time, and I always wanted to select some text, change the font, change the color, change the point size, give it a 3D effect and more. But until now, there was no help on the horizon.

Using the Inspect Element option to find WordPress Css elements

When you get serious about editing WordPress pages and posts, then you will want to start using the Inspect Element feature in Dreamweaver CC or your browser. I prefer the Dreamweaver option.

I think that using the Inspect Element option in to find WordPress Css elements is truly amazing. What is really amazing is the ability to open any modern browser, right click on any element in the page and get the CSS elements, with line number right before your very eyes. Wow,,,,,,, that´s just real good Geekdom, right at your finger tips.

Changing Fonts in Your WordPress CSS Style Sheet 

When editing WordPress pages and posts, changing fonts in your WordPress CSS Style Sheet is the most effective and reliable way to control the fonts in your WordPress theme for your WordPress web site. If you are a person that creates WordPress sites for your clients, changing fonts in your WordPress CSS Style Sheets is an essential skill. The strange thing is that most people that actually sell WordPress creation services lack CSS skills and just kind of fake it with their clients.