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Getting Started With Adobe Dreamweaver CC

What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC

What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC?  At one time, 70 percent of Web makers all over the world used Adobe Dreamweaver CC as their main Web tool.  Billions of sites around the world were created with this tool.  Why was/is it so popular?  What can it do?  Where is the power?


Planning Your Site

I have shared the importance of Planning your site with millions of people all around the world.  In this day of instant gratification, most people do not like to plan ahead.  Trust me, after building Web presentations for more than 20 years, sitting down with a pen and paper and figuring out what is going to go where can save you hours, days, or even months of head aches.


Defining a Your Adobe Dreamweaver CC Site

Defining your Web site in Adobe Dreamweaver CC is one of the most important concepts you can understand when it comes to getting started with Adobe Dreamweaver CC.  The wonderful thing about defining a site is that not only can you define one site, but you can define as many as you want.


Opening Dreamweaver for the First Time

Every application has a different interface.  And, the people who build this applications look at them each and everyday.  To the makers of Adobe Dreamweaver CC, they are constantly adding new stuff for you to use.  The fact is, you don´t need to know about all they have the first time your open the app.  When you are getting started with Adobe Dreamweaver CC, sometimes it is best to hide stuff that you don’t need, and will never use.


Image File Formats

When getting started with Adobe Dreamweaver CC, you will use images.  Thus, you will need to know about the various image  file formats.  Where the heck do I put this topic into this list of videos.  I thought it would be helpful to put it in your face right from the beginning.


Using Web Colors, What is a Hexadecimal Value

This is another video that I had to decide where to put it in. You have text colors, background colors, everything is about color.  So what values do you use for color?  This is the video to watch up front as you are getting started in Adobe Dreamweaver CC.


Understanding the Important, Web Page Box Model

In all of web design it is all about boxes in boxes in boxes in boxes.  It doesn´t matter if you are using Dreamweaver, WordPress or just writing html and css in Note Pad web design is all about boxes in boxes.  Believe me, this is important and you want to understand the Box Model of  All things Web.


What is Html5

All things change.  iPhones get new versions, video games have upgrades, Ford continues to revamp the Mustang.  Html has changed versions, syntax, and tags for many years.  So just what is Html5, in a nut shell?


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