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Image file formatsWeb Page Image File Formats

There are so many decisions to make in the land of Web Page Image file Formats. Gif, jpg, jpeg, png8, png24, svg. Which one to you use. What do they mean? Is one better than the rest.

Web Page Image file Formats is something very important to learn from the very beginning in web design, because like much of web stuff, each one has it´s own Super Powers, and when you need Super Man to show up, you don´t want Batman.

When introducing Web Page Image file Formats, I couldn´t leave out where all of these file formats came from. I had to throw in Raw Data and Tiff. What´s that all about too? I couldn´t shut up.

In another title I cover hexadecimal values. These are of extreme importance in the land of web design also.

So, get some popcorn for this one, “Web Page Image file Formats.”

Remember, never jpeg a jpeg. Tell all your friends.

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