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Planning Your Divi Website

Planning Your Divi WebsitePlanning Your Divi Website

Planning Your Divi Website from the very beginning is the most important thing you can do and of the hundreds of thousands of people I have worked with, it is the last thing that 99 percent of people do. Planning Your Divi Website up front can save you lots of time and lots of money. What’s more, Planning Your Divi Website up front will save you lots of frustration.

When I say planning, I mean sitting down with a pen and paper and making out a diagram of what pages might be on the site that will bring you visitors to the site. What will be on your main page to get people excited? What will be the page you will create that people will visit from you main, homepage? How will you create a sales funned that will help people to make a decision about what you want them to do?

I used to do summer computer camps with kids building websites. The camp would last one week. On day one, week would cover the basics. How do you put text in? How do you prepare and bring images in? How do you link your pages up? At the end of day one, I would tell them, “Ok, tomorrow you need to bring in a diagram that shows me little squares (representing pages) with little ugly drawing of what is going to be on each page.” Then I would add, “You can do this with towelette paper and a pencil, just come up with something.” I would conclude with, “If you don’t have the diagram in the morning, you won’t be touching a computer until you have it done.”

On the next day, each kid always had a diagram.

Some school systems would bring me in to teach teachers how to build websites. It would be pretty much the same five day class. On the first day I would tell them the same thing I told the kids.

It never failed that when I did this with teachers, adults, about half of them would come in the next day with no plan.

This video, “Planning Your Divi Website,” is the most important thing you can do. Give it a look and some consideration.

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