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Selecting a WordPress Theme?

Selecting a WordPress Theme

Selecting a WordPress Theme

Hopefully you have viewed, “What is a WordPress Theme,” and “Choosing a WordPress Theme,” and now you are ready to move ahead into the phase of selecting a WordPress Theme.

When selecting a WordPress theme of course you have done your homework from the previous videos. You have brainstormed about what you need the theme to do. You have brainstormed and completed a sketch of some sort displaying how you would like your WordPress theme look and what will go where. You have made decisions about how many navigation options you need (menus) and where you want your visitors to find them. You have decided if you want a left side bar, right side bar, no side bar or and option for all three. You have decided that you will have images and of what sizes placed where. You have decided if or have not to have video content. You have decided that your WordPress theme will or will not be appropriate for phones as well as tablets and desktops.

In selecting a WordPress Theme, I am sure you have mapped out all of these questions and answers and put them somewhere visible so that you can now bring them into reality in your WordPress theme of choice.

In this video, we search Google to find our WordPress theme. In selecting a WordPress theme, we still have some hoops to jump over and under.

In selecting a WordPress theme, we want to first be sure we have seen the theme in action. We want to be sure that it is responsive, that is it works on phones as well as desktops. We want to make sure when selecting a WordPress Theme that the theme comes with documentation. That means the theme comes with an owner’s manual, like a car, with instructions on how to do what you want the them to do. In selecting a WordPress theme, you want to make sure that the manufacturer of the theme has a current, legitimate contact email, phone number or something when things go wrong.

Enjoy, “Selecting a WordPress Theme.”