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Selecting your Divi HomePage

Selecting your Divi HomePageSelecting your Divi HomePage

Not as easy as you would think

Selecting your Divi HomePage is a real mystery as far as getting it done. And you may be asking, “What does he mean when he says Selecting your Divi HomePage?” Well let’s take a closer look at the phrase.

The site you are on now,, has about 400 pages. When you go to your browser and type in,, there is one of those 400 pages that comes up in the browser, that is the page that I have selected to be my home page.

Think about the New York Times, they must have tens of thousands of pages. But, when you type in, only one page comes up, their home page. The same with ABC, CNN, Disney and Walmart, or even Sears ( are they still in business?). All of these firms have selected one of thousands of pages to be their home page.

In the Divi, WordPress environment, selecting your main page is really strange. Let me tell you, you would never, ever, ever, ever figure it out on your own in a million years. You can get busy and create 200 great pages, and by default when you type in your domain name, let’s say it’s, if this is your site today and you are in Divi, and you haven’t told Divi what your main page is, then some strange page shows up as your main page. A page that you didn’t even make. And the bad thing, the default page is a very ugly page that has nothing to do with you or your business. What a drag.

Selecting your Divi HomePage is really easy once you know where the magic button is, and what page it’s on, and what boxes do you click when you find the magic secret page. My monkeys just went wild when I showed them how to do it. You’ll go wild too.

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