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SEO Video TutorialsSEO Video Tutorials.

Hi, I am Bill the Geek. These are my SEO Video Tutorials.

Above this page, in the menu bar you will see SEO.  Hover over the SEO link to select and view the videos, one by one.

As some of you may know, I have been teaching web design internationally for the last ten years. As some of you may know, if live in wonderful, sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I have not done any business in Mexico, EVER. All of my business comes from English speaking people from all over the world. How can this be? I know SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

In my SEO video tutorials, I will share with you how I have built my web pages, and pages for clients, that are on Page One of Google, right now. In my SEO video tutorials, I will show you the value of SEO, what Google wants and why, what is the value of keywords, why keywords really do not exist anymore, how to find the words that will work for you and much, much more.

In these SEO video tutorials, I will show you not only what to put into a page to get to page one on Google, but also, I will share with you my website strategy that makes every page in my site like it’s own little department in Walmart.

In these SEO Video Tutorials, I also share with you how to use social media to enhance your rankings. You can spend weeks investing time into any social media platform and at the end of a month or more, you will come up empty, perhaps with no results.

In these SEO Video Tutorials, I share not only how to rank on page one with regular html pages, but also with php pages and WordPress pages.

Every dollar I earn, and have earned for the last 10 years comes from my SEO skills. I have run into many people that have had ideas of a product or service they wanted to bring to the world, and in 7 days I have taken them to Page One of Google.

If you are a web designer, or beginning web design, you may not be aware of the power of SEO. SEO brings money into any business. SEO is the new sales force of the world. SEO saves businesses money because they don´t have to pay sales people or sales expenses.

When you learn and understand SEO as a web designer, you become a source of income to any client and your value increases dramatically. Can you say, “You Da Man!”

If you are a person on the planet with an idea, and sick of working for Da Man everyday, with SEO skills you can create your own web page and use the skills presented in my SEO Video Tutorials to change your life.

I know SEO. I have skills. With my skills, I can live anywhere in the world and make money, sitting any where I want with my laptop and an internet connection.

I´m Bill the Geek and I share with you my SEO Video Tutorials.