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The Box ModelThe Box Model

Believe it or not, no matter what web site you visit, every single item is in a box. Everything you see is in some type of square or rectangle. Even though you may see a page that looks like everything is in a circle or triangle shape, or just stuff laying about here and there, it’s all in some sort of box. That is why this situation of All Things Web is called, “The Box Model.”

The Box Model is something that you really want to get your head around before you move along into the world of All Things Web. That is because All Things Web is totally, without exception, no matter what page you see or build is about The Box Model. This means there are boxes, in boxes in boxes. Then in The Box Model you have space between boxes, space within boxes, horizontally aligned boxes, vertically aligned boxes and then there is the big box that all of these boxes are in.

The Box Model started out with tables. You’ll see. Watch the video. There is the Table itself. In the Table you have the boxes. Then you have the table rows, more boxes. Then you have the table cells, more boxes.

Then came along the Div tag. These are the new boxes in The Box Model. You have ID’s and Classes. In The Box Model, not only do you have boxes, you have different types of boxes with different names and functions.

Even lines of text are in boxes. Pictures are in boxes. Videos are in boxes. Forms are in boxes. The Box Model goes on and on and on.

So, find out what it´s all about and enjoy viewing, “The Box Model.”

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