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Should I Use a Page or Post in WordPress?

Should I Use a Page or Post in WordPress?

Clients as me all of the time, “Should I Use a Page or Post in WordPress?” Again, my clients and students ask me great questions all of the time. So when they ask me, “Should I Use a Page or Post in WordPress?” I try to share with them the good side of pages and the good side of posts.

For me personally, it all comes down to SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Can people find my pages on Google. Can they find me easily on Google and am I on page one of Google for the pages I feel will help my pages be found?

That is the question one should always keep in mind, unless you are a person having a party, a wedding, a church service or something like that where all of your visitors already know your web address and if people don´t visit the site, you can still pay your rent.

Page or Post, SEO is still the same. I have had great success with SEO for both. No difference that I can really see.

So let us move ahead and answer the question, “Should I Use a Page or Post in WordPress?”

Here are the major differences between the two and a little history about WordPress Posts specifically.

You must remember that WordPress was first developed to create Blogs. You write something and post it. Write something else and post that. Thus, in the beginning of WordPress, why not just put all of those Posts on the same page, or maybe condense them with a summary and have a link to the full article from the post.

Thus, with post, the default set up of all WordPress Themes is to have all of your post on the main page, with links to the full article ( of course you can change that now ). Each post can be put in its own category and people can see those categories in the WordPress sidebar allowing them to click on a category and see all posts related to that category.

To get the full picture, watch the video, “Should I Use a Page or Post in WordPress?”