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Using Background Images in WordPress

Using Background Images in WordPress

Using Background Images in WordPress

Using background images in WordPress in a very interesting process. Of course, understanding your html and css is essential in the process. This is why we have created a major portion of this video tutorial series CSS, from start to finish over in the Adobe Dreamweaver Video Tutorial section of the site.

Once you have prepared your images for WordPress, now it is time for the Easter egg segment of the process where you have to discover what existing background elements exist in the theme you have selected to work with in WordPress. In using background images in WordPress, you kind of have to look around and see what the coder did with backgrounds in the CSS style sheet. You never know what these coders will do.

In the theme we approach in this video, “Using Background Images in WordPress,” the coder put the background information in the html selector. I have been hand coding html and css for more than 20 years and I have never seen that. Also, once we got the css the html selector to replace what the coder had placed in the html selector, then we discover that the them coder had placed some CSS in some other spot that throws our whole game off in our approach to controlling how we want to display our background.

In our video, “Using Background Images in WordPress,” we go to Google and look up the CSS syntax for displaying images as backgrounds. We find the properties, “background-image:bla, bla, bla;” and also we take a look at “background-repeat:bla, bla, bla, bla;”

We briefly take a look at the shortcomings we have when we place our x-repeat image across the top of our page ( we explain x-repeat in the video ).

Finally, with our new background placed, we explore using the themes default logo settings to work with our background by inserting an image with a transparent background to finish off the job.

Web work brings so many factors together. This is why we have our CSS and Photoshop CC video tutorials in this series to put it all together.

Enjoy, “Using Background Images in WordPress.”