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Using images in WordPress

Using images in WordPressUsing images in WordPress

Using images in WordPress is just like any other part of WordPress. It´s so easy it´s hard. Once again, there is a little button in WordPress that gets the job done. Serious, it took me months to find the button that gets the job done. Now to clear my good name, I had no need for using images in WordPress for those months. I was doing other WordPress stuff and the need to be aware of where the button was, was not important. But when I needed to know about Using images in WordPress, the little magic button was not that apparent.

Once you find the little magic button, then there are a couple of tricks you have to follow to get the image on the page. There are a couple of trick you have to pay attention to even before you get the image on the page. Actually, there are serious questions that need to be answered while you are putting the image on the page or post.

This video was created to make Using images in WordPress a very simple process.

I think what I found confusing when Using images in WordPress was question options like, “Title, Description, and Alternate Text.” I´m good with the image alt tag, totally fine with that, but it took me many images placements before I understood which options I could use to show the image, and not stuff that WordPress wanted to show up.

Another part of the Using images in WordPress song and dance that confused me was, “When is it best to put the images on the page or post? When Using images in WordPress, do you put the images before, during or after you put in the text?

Also, because I am such a dope, it took me months to figure out that you could swap images, as opposed to deleting and placing the image again.

I hope this video, “Using images in WordPress,” get you up to speed faster than the took for me to understand what was going on.