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Using the WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress DashboardUsing the WordPress Dashboard

Using the WordPress Dashboard, or have an understanding of using the WordPress Dashboard is very important. There are all kinds of very important items in the Dashboard that at extremely important, but extremely hard to find. Not only are they hard to find, but there is no where to tell you that the items you KNOW ARE THERE, are right under this or that sub menu.

Using the WordPress Dashboard and understanding where all the goodies are helps you control your plugins, themes, page and post title display options, widget options and so much more.

Also, as you download, install and activate your plugins, more options will become available as you continue using the WordPress Dashboard.

Using the WordPress Dashboard you will find some not so apparent items in the “Appearance” pop out menu. Here you will find widgets, menus, themes, theme options and widgets. Who would a thought?

One of the most important and hidden options is the “permilink option.” This, I would say, is one of the most important options hidden in the Dashboard with one of the most obscure names. This video tells you what the permilink option is and means. I could tell you now, but I just want you to watch the video. I want you to ask yourself, “Was he right about this Permilink thing.”

Using the WordPress Dashboard you can also find all of your images, videos and sounds that you have uploaded to your site. That´s a big one.

One thing that we cover in a different title is setting up a WordPress Multisite. You can use one WordPress installation, and put as many different, separate sites on your install as you would like. Each site can have a different URL, a different theme, different navigation and different plugins and widgets.

In this situation, when using the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate from site to site to site.