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Using WordPress Menus

Creating WordPress MenusUsing WordPress Menus

Using WordPress Menus is so easy that it is hard. Even after you find the menus panel and use it a couple of times, it´s still no picnic. Again, using WordPress Menus is so easy that it is hard.

So what is so hard about using WordPress Menus? Now this is just me, I´m a dope. I´ve been building web pages since the internet was discovered. Some of how you get to options and what you do when you get there just doesn´t make logical sense.

In your path to using WordPress menus, will may take the path from your site title to find the menus option. Or, in your WordPress Dashboard, you may choose to go to the appearance pop out menu and select menus from that path. Either way you click, and puff, you are in the land of menus.

Once in the land of menus, magical things can happen. First of all, you need to give your menu a name, and after you give the menu a name, you need to click create. Again, I´m a dope, but who would figure that out?

When you are using WordPress menus, once you give your menu a name, then it’s time to add some links to your different pages or post ( we talk about the difference between pages and post in another of our video presentations here at ).

So how do you do that? How do you add the link and then apply the words that will show on the menu that people will click to go somewhere or for the page to do something? How does that happen?

When using WordPress Menus, it is very easy to create a drop down, or even sub drop down menus. This, just like the rest of the using WordPress menus situation is do easy that it is hard.

Also, using WordPress menus depends on what theme you are using and what that particular theme allows you to do with menus. Where are those options.

All in all, using WordPress menus is wonderful, but it’s so easy it is hard.

Enjoy, “Using WordPress Menus.”