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Using WordPress Plugins

What is a WordPress Plugin?Using WordPress Plugins

There are millions ( literally ) of WordPress Plugins, so using WordPress Plugins can be a real challenge or very easy and satisfying.

When it comes to using WordPress plugins, one must first understand that just because you know PHP and you know how to write the code for a plugin, doesn’t mean that you care if it works well for the end user or whether when used, the end users site will crash and die.

Actually, using WordPress plugins is very simple. The challenge is finding the ones that DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO!

I have downloaded so many WordPress plugins for specific functions, and I must say that many times I have been quite pleased. But I must add that now more and more plugins are written by some Php, wanna be coder that just wants to show his friends and family that his plugin is now available to any sucker willing to install it and let it crash their site.

Before you download, install, activate and being using WordPress plugins, I think it is wise to treat that plugin almost as you would a WordPress Theme. I always look to see if the plugin has instructions, documentation, contact information etc. I have downloaded plugins that look so simple before you download them, but when it´s usage time, something very basic is left out right up front that prevents you from getting anything done other than raise your frustration level.

Now on a wonderful note, I have found, installed, activated many WordPress plugins that have done exactly what I wanted them to do. I just love it when that happens.

On the other hand, I actually purchased one, it looked so good, had good write ups and it was a big waste of time and money. BEWARE!

This video, “Using WordPress Plugins,” is a very basic introduction to installing the plugin, activating it and finding all of your plugins in the Dashboard.

Enjoy, “Using WordPress Plugins.”