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Web Design Video Tutorials.

Welcome to the land of Web Design Video Tutorials. I am your guide, Bill the Geek. I have been creating web pages since 1996 and I have used many tools. In my Web Design Video Tutorials, I try to share with you what has helped me create thousands of web pages over the last 20 years.

In my Web Design Video Tutorials, I use Adobe Dreamweaver as my code tool. That really doesn’t matter to you. You can use any text tool you want to write your code for Bootstrap, html, CSS or Php. Anyway that you can write the code and test it is fine. But in my Web Design Video Tutorials, I use Adobe Dreamweaver.

Below you will find links to sign up for one, or all of the videos in this site. In my web design video tutorials there are about 300 videos from CSS to Photoshop to WordPress to SEO. Each section will cost you $6.00 a month. That is about the cost of lunch at McDonalds. $6.00 a month. If you go at it and use the concepts in one month, you are done. If you need another month, you are out $12.00.

Of course, there are 300 of these web design video tutorials. Maybe you want to learn Photoshop and SEO and Bootstrap and WordPress all at one time. This is why I offer you the option to own them all for only $11.00 per month. That is the cost of two beers in a really nice restaurant with a view. How can you beat all of this information for $11.00 a month and you can pause or cancel at anytime.

In my web design video tutorials, I present the top 25 things (plus or minis) you need to know about Photoshop. I am a professional so I need the latest tools. But, as you view the Photoshop section of my web design video tutorials, you can follow along and learn even if your version of Photoshop is 10 years old.

In my web design video tutorials I have a big section on CSS. On matter what you are doing in web design, understanding CSS and of course, html is huge. If you are learning Dreamweaver, Bootstrap or WordPress, these concepts in my CSS section of these web design video tutorials are PRICELESS!

Did I say Priceless?

So scroll down and sign up for one or for all. And, if you need a private class, one on one, I will be able to help you out with that also. Just give me a call or drop me a line and we can set up a time that would be good for you. I use You can see my computer, I can see your computer, we have FM Quality Sound. Just a thought..

Begin Learning Photoshop for $6.00 per month.

Hi, I am Bill the Geek.  You can watch the videos for one month, then, if you need more time, for the price of a six pack, you can sign up again.  I try to make it very easy.  Or, You can pause in the middle of the month, click a button, and use your other $3.00 to continue for another 2 weeks.  Click here to start learning Photoshop for $6.00, the price of a really good cheeseburger.

Thanks for visiting.  This is a protected page for members.  To sign up and help people find you by learning SEO, please click here.