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What is Adobe Dreamweaver CCWhat is Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015

What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC? At one time, seventy percent of web developers all over the Planet Earth used Adobe Dreamweaver CC to build the majority of web sites. What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC? This newest version of Adobe Dreamweaver CC not only creates web sites, it is an upload, download factory, a CSS code inspector, you can click an image, launch Photoshop, edit the image and go back to working on your site.

And now, Adobe Dreamweaver CC comes loaded with Bootstrap.  Bootstrap and Bootstrap Templates.

And Now, Adobe Dreamweaver CC is loaded with a QR Coded page reader that allows you to connect your Dreamweaver page to your cell phone or tablet so that you can see changes you are making as you work on your page, second by second.

What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC? With Dreamweaver, you can create CSS layout sites, Responsive sites, Table layout sites and even edit WordPress sites. With Adobe Dreamweaver CC, you can do massive find and replacement of images, text, code and more that will save you hours and hours of time. With Adobe Dreamweaver CC you can organize your own sites files, and also, if you work on many people’s site, you can group and organize all of their files so that you can click a button and go from one site project to another in seconds.

What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC? I comes equipped with a state of the art, live view browser that let’s you see actually the site will look on the internet. In the past, if you worked in Dreamweaver and created the page with your images, text, forms, animations and videos, you could never trust Adobe Dreamweaver to show you what the site would look like on the internet. No more. And better yet, with Adobe Dreamweaver CC, now it comes equipped with the live “Inspect Element Button” so that you can click images, text, divs or anything on your page and then you can see what the elements “name” is. From there Dreamweaver will take you right into the CSS or Html so that you can edit the element and easily upload the changes to the server for the World to see.

What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC? Adobe has taken Responsive Web design to a whole new level. You can create Responsive pages that you can working on phones and tablets right in the Dreamweaver Window on your monitor.

I work with Adobe Dreamweaver CC everyday for my regular sites, my WordPress sites and my Joomla sites. I hope these video tutorials will make your web life a lot easier and enjoyable.

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