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Why use Divi to Build Websites

Why use Divi to Build WebsitesWhy use Divi to Build Websites

Why use Divi to Build Websites? I have been creating websites since 1996. I can write html, css and php in my sleep. I can do about anything there is to do for a website in Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m good with my audio and video creation applications. So Why use Divi to Build Websites?

I was very Leary of WordPress because I was always a web purest. If I didn’t write the code, things wouldn’t be right. If anyone was using a web processing system, they weren’t doing the web the right way. They were missing out.

Why use Divi to Build Websites? I lived with Dreamweaver for years. I still use it everyday but for different reasons. I had clients that need websites built or edited in WordPress, so I had to learn WordPress. I’ve worked with thousands of WordPress sites and saw the limitations of hundreds of WordPress themes. I would always need to buy and download many different plugins to get the final job done.

Most WordPress themes had a sidebar on one side that was there forever and the theme didn’t allow you to get rid of it, you couldn’t go full screen. Other WordPress theme were not responsive meaning that they didn’t adapt to cell phones and tablets as well as laptops and desktops without a lot of work or adding more plugins slowed down the speed and functionality of the site over all.

Then I ran into Divi. Why use Divi to Build Websites? Divi does it all. It lets you put sidebars where ever you want to put them. Or, you can have not side bar and go full screen. Divi makes it easy to add images, videos, contact forms and more with a click of a button. What used to take me 12 hours to hand code, I can get done in an hour or less.

Why use Divi to Build Websites? With Divi, I can make universal changes to my sites, meaning I can change content on 1,000 pages with just the click of a button.

Divi just works. I make a living off of people visiting my site, then they buy information or services. Divi makes that happen. I have taught hundreds of small business people that know nothing about code, how to build websites. I teach them to use Divi, they confidently are in control of the internet face of their businesses.

Why use Divi to Build Websites?

It just makes sense.

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