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WordPress and Dreamweaver, Side by Side

Here Ya Go! WordPress and Dreamweaver, Side by Side. A short, but close up look at what the two do, and what the two do not do. Both applications have a home on all of my production machines and I use both each and everyday. But I know which one to use when and for what.

In this short prep video for Part 2, “Wordpress or Dreamweaver,” I wanted to allow our members to get a look at what to expect from each application. In this video, “Wordpress and Dreamweaver, Side by Side,” I wanted to give members and idea of which one is used for what.

Dreamweaver, developed by Macromedia back in the early 1990’s, was developed as a code writing tool. That’s right, it was never meant to be a WYSIWYG (pronounced, wizzy wig, meaning what you see is what you get ). The people at Macromedia built Dreamweaver for people that understood how to confidently write html, css, javascript and maybe php in their sleep. At one point in time, 70% of all web sites on the planet where being pumped out by web developers and designers that used Dreamweaver.

Web making wanna be’s heard about the Dreamweaver Buzz, so they wanted to use Dreamweaver also. I have taught thousands of people Dreamweaver and I can’t tell you how many times people have told me, “But I don’t want to know any code.”

I´m like, “Dude! This application is all about code, that’s what it is, a freakin’ code writer, code editor.”

Of course, I didn’t say it like that, but each and every time that is what I was thinking.

Personally, I love creating my own pages with my own layout in Dreamweaver. Of course to get what you really want out of Dreamweaver one needs very strong, html, css, php, mySql and javascript skills. Not too many people have those talents.

As we look at WordPress and Dreamweaver, Side by Side, we get a little glimpse at how long it takes to write the html and css for a page, let alone a site, as well as what happens when you throw in the CSS to make the site responsive.

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